Abatement of Asbestos

Due to the serious health risk associated with disturbing asbestos materials, determining the presence of asbestos is a critical step before any renovation or removal of suspect materials. In fact, Environmentall requires this to be the first step of every client to ensure occupants safety.

Let Environmentall’s experts assess and test potential asbestos containing materials in your home or workplace.

    Services offered by Environmentall include:

  • Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Phasing and Logistics
  • Occupancy Planning
  • Costing and Estimates
Legal Obligations

Owners, managers and employers have a legal obligation under Ontario regulations to protect workers from exposure to asbestos. Health Canada, in collaboration with provincial governments, has adopted strict workplace regulations on exposure limits and handling of asbestos. Deviations from proper procedures may result in significant fines, not to mention potential worker exposures and potential labor relations issues.

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